12 Sep 2011

honesty !

suddenly felt ashamed of this self !
I thought she felt the same as what I think.
but I was wrong.
I should not think about her again.
she has  a good life rite now !.
she will be mine ? ouh no ! she only memories past.
I will not bother you :D
I hope to see you for the last time.
and I would ask you pardon me.
I am glad to see you happy while they them.
only that can make me smile at the moment
thank you for it !  im hepi to be  part of your life for a years,a month, a week or a day !
so ! i   consider this is  the most beautiful memories in my life
hope you will smile until the end of life ! 

maybe possible for me to forget all this ! 
bt i will try my best ! hope so :)  away from u..u..and you ! melankolia :Dp/s : i miss a word "ntah" from u ! 

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